Apricot Kernel Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil consists of 34% Omega 6 and 62 % Omega 9 fatty acid. The researches show that societies that consume that product mainly have showed no effect of cancer. Apricot Kernel has vitamin B17 which is not found in any other food. Moreover, the main ingredient of baby oil is apricot kernel oil. Very precious oil is extracted from the seeds and used for sensitive skins as it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil is used for aromatherapy as it is rich in vitamin E. Apricot Kernel Oil is good for; • Fungal Infections • Rashes and swelling • Herpes and eczema • Psoriasis • Acne and other skin problems • Pneumonia • Insect bites • Hair loss • Neck pain • Cellulite treatment • Our products are natural, cold pressed oils. • Our products are not medicine, cannot be used for medical treatment.
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