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Gunay Oil has been active in the edible oil sector for over 40 years and its daily production capacity is 100 tons / day. 5.000 square meters closed 10.000 square meters area is operating in facilities with all conditions necessary for "safe food" and "environmentally sensitive" production. Gunay Oil, offers quality products that meet the expectations of its customers and affordable prices for all kitchens that care about health and taste. Gunay Oil, is able to offer a wide variety of high quality packaged edible sunflower oil for use in food preparation for hypermarkets, supermarkets, home consumers and non-home consumers. These products, 1 liter PET 1.8 liters of PET 2 liters of PET 3 liters of PET 5 liters of PET 10 liter tin box 18 liter canister 210 liter barrel 1000 liter IBC tank 23000 liters flexi tank Available in packages. In many cases, the bottles and rolls we deliver are very robust considering that the shipment is long, heavy and generally expensive. Our products, along with our strong and durable packaging, are always in good condition at the final destination. In addition to our own brands, we also create custom labels for large retail and catering companies and importer customers.

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