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Yusuf Sonmezler Group Inc. was established in 1988 by Yusuf Sonmezler in Adana Organized Industrial Zone. It has an integrated production facility consisting of 20,000 m2 closed area on 30,000 m2 land. At the same time, since 1988, Petroleum Products trade and management have been continued. Sonmezler is a group company that prioritizes customer satisfaction with Chemical Engineers, Food Engineers, Expert Foreign Trade Team and its employees with its vision for the future and all brands.
Having been inaugurated as a small-scaled workshop in 1968, Orucoglu Yag San. ve Tic. A.S. has now become one of the leader companies of its sector of vegetable oil production with its integrated production facility of a total of 71,153 m2, 30,066 m2 of which is enclosed. in parallel to such an improvement, at the end of this half a century-long journey, Orucoglu has become the leader of Anatolia in the sector of vegetable oil production. Having been incorporated in the year 1968 in Afyon Centrum with its oil procession capacity of 6 tons / day, Orucoglu Yag San. ve Tic. A.S. is now being referred as one of the top ten producers in Turkey with its oilseed procession capacity of 750 tons, raw oil and oil cake production capacities of, respectively. 300 and 450 tons. Orucoglu Yag San. ve Tic. A.S. has succeeded to become a pioneering company, having broken all the grounds of its sector, including the production technology, package designing, and product range. • Having applied an innovation to oil procession for the first time around the world, it has developed therefrom the extraction system based on gravity, called ‘Bottom Discharge’, and has thereby obtained the patent of this innovation. • Having broken a new ground in the liquid oil sector with its Omega-3-added Sunflower Seed Oil, Orucoglu Yag has thereby introduced an ideal product, especially for heart and vein diseases. Package of this special product won 2001 World Star Award in the competition, having been held by the World Package Organization, right after Turkey. • Having constituted its quality management with the intent of achieving total quality after the conduct of respective infrastructural works for 2 years, it obtained TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Certificate in May 1999, after such a short period of 6 months.
Origo Co. was founded in 2004 as the largest aromatic vegetable oil production factory in the region with the aim of obtaining 100% natural, cold pressed oils using the natural fertileness that our country has and presenting them to humanity. Origo Co. produces aromatic, natural oils using oilseeds such as Black Cumin Seed, Pistachio, Flaxseed, Walnut, Sesame, Almond, Pumpkin Seed, Grape Seed, Coconut and Safflower Seed with closed system cold press method. We extract our products without any chemical or thermal treatment. The vitamins, antioxidants and aromas in the seeds we use are obtained together with the oil without any changes. So, the oils that we extract are rich in vitamin E (Alpha tocopherol), vitamin A, Omega-3, Omega-6, Resveratrol which are extremely important for health. Our oils are used in health, food and cosmetic industries. Our company has food production permits and certificates approved by the relevant ministry of our country. All our products are Kosher certified, HACCP 13001, ISO 22000, ISO 9001 and registered to FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Apart from extracting aromatic oils from oil seeds, our company is in service of producing and exporting false ceiling panels and wallpapers for construction sector as well as tv screen protectors with the association companies. Our natural oil company operates in Gaziantep province, located in the southeast of our country, where the world's highest quality pistachio and nigella seeds are grown. It is aimed to study the best quality seeds with its proximity to the seed production sites and to minimize the risks of seed degradation during transportation.
As TNT Trade Foreign Trade Con. Ind. LLC. we have been serving our customers in many countries around the world. With our vehicle fleet we transport to many countries in Africa, Middle East and especially Europe. Our product range is expanding day by day in beverage, dry packaging services, liquid and dry food, pulses, soft drinks, mineral water, carbonated beverages, energy drinks, iced tea, fruit juice, fruity milk, cooking oils and butter, olive varieties, pickles and sauces, canned food, Textile products, fabric, clothing … Our Company is working with appropriate suppliers and food manufacturers, with our expert team, we handle the products obtained from the qualified people to the address. Our Company has a reliable and reputable name, what drives us to continuously improve ourselves, and according to the revision of the era's needs we aim to carry the right product in the most accurate and fastest way. We provide our customers with high quality and fast logistics. Our comapny’s main goal is to deliver the orders to our customers in the safest way. Due to our quality service, we keep the customers expectations at the highest level and our orders are delivered to you immediately. Providing an efficient logistics services, our modern vision and quality service as a company drive us to provide the most efficient transportation services. Thanks to years of experience without compromising our quality and transportation in many parts of the world we work to ensure that you reach your products in the safest way.
Kula Yag ve Emek Yem Sanayi Ticaret A.S. (Kula Oil and Emek Feed Industry and Trade Inc.), with its business life and historyreaching back to the development thrust during the initial years of the Republic, is an establishment that has made significant contribution to Turkish economy and manufacture, notably in the Marmara Region. Kula’s history is rooted in the 1930s, an era where the most important items of agricultural products governed the business life of Turkey. Ahmet Kula, who laid the foundations of today’s Kula back in those years and was engaged in the purchase and sales of grains, made his trade registry entry with the Balikesir Chamber of Trade in 1932 to launch his business. In 1959, he registered at the Balikesir Commodity Exchange Market. In the early 1960s, Ahmet Kula decided to incorporate his business and founded the Ahmet Kula and Sons Partnership in 1963. The company known today as Kula Yag ve Emek Yem San. Tic. A.S. started to manufacture raw sunflower oil in 1968. Having focused its business activities exclusively on oil production in the beginning, Kuladecided to turn towards investments in line with the needs of the region and purchased UNIS, a long-established company of the region, in 1980 to start flour production under the brand name Kula Un (Kula Flour). In 1989, Kulaentered the animal feed sector with Emek Yem (Emek Feed). Later on,Kula entered a different sector with the manufacture of table eggs in 1991 and established a brooding and breeding plant to start chick production in 2000. Kula collaborated and joined forces with Karahallilar in 2003,followed by the establishment of Bupilic, an integrated food company, and 2K, a company operating Tuv-Turk vehicle inspection stations. The fundamental principle of Kula Yag ve Emek Yem San. Tic. A.S. having 206 employees for the time beingis “respect for the supplier and the consumer”. Kula being acknowledged as one of Turkey’s largest 750 companies year after year is proof enough of the company’s tremendous efforts to perform its production activities without the least compromise to service or production quality, taking advantage of its knowledge and due diligence gained over the course of many years. What fills us with even more pride is that, thanks to the self-devotion of all companies operating under the umbrella of Kula, the sense of work and service peculiar to Kula has set an example for so many enterprises.
Gunay Oil has been active in the edible oil sector for over 40 years and its daily production capacity is 100 tons / day. 5.000 square meters closed 10.000 square meters area is operating in facilities with all conditions necessary for "safe food" and "environmentally sensitive" production. Gunay Oil, offers quality products that meet the expectations of its customers and affordable prices for all kitchens that care about health and taste. Gunay Oil, is able to offer a wide variety of high quality packaged edible sunflower oil for use in food preparation for hypermarkets, supermarkets, home consumers and non-home consumers. These products, 1 liter PET 1.8 liters of PET 2 liters of PET 3 liters of PET 5 liters of PET 10 liter tin box 18 liter canister 210 liter barrel 1000 liter IBC tank 23000 liters flexi tank Available in packages. In many cases, the bottles and rolls we deliver are very robust considering that the shipment is long, heavy and generally expensive. Our products, along with our strong and durable packaging, are always in good condition at the final destination. In addition to our own brands, we also create custom labels for large retail and catering companies and importer customers.
Kristal Oil which has been the first branded olive oil in Turkey, was established in 1938 in Izmir by Anthony Micaleff. Kristal Oil has been one of the first brands that produced olive oil and released packed olive oil to the market in Turkey. It has also been the first company that exported packed and branded olive oil. Today, as a pioneer in Turkish olive oil market, Kristal Oil exports olive oil to 25 countries. In 1950s, while olive oil was mainly consumed in Aegean and Marmara Regions which are the production areas, Kristal Oil has been the leading company introducing and adopting the habit of consuming olive oil among Turkish people in Anatolia. In 2007 along with the partnership of Arkas Holding, Kristal Oil has increased its investments and production capacity even more. Kristal Oil has been running operations to increase local and foreign market share. Kristal Oil has been demanded for generations with its quality and trust developed on consumers.
BAGCI with the experience all of years, is increasing it's market in Turkey, Germany, France, Britain and Netherlands with the modern institutions of 5200 m2 and 8000 m2. Olives of BA6CI wich are presented under the names of, Bagci, Reha, Delta, Pera, Ahi.