GUNAY OIL has been active in the edible oil sector for over 40 years. GUNAY OIL offers affordable and quality products to all kitchens that have adopted health and taste. The main philosophy is customer satisfaction, GUNAY OIL; for the products that meet the expectations of the customers, we strictly carry out the quality controls required from the first stage of production to the customer. Having succeeded to be worthy of the trust of Turkish consumers with its products, GUNAY OIL fulfills the demands of foreign customers looking for a high quality but economical product. Our company has a production capacity of 100 tons per day. The 10,000 square meter covered 20,000 square meter area is still operating at ISO 9000 certified facilities, which meet all the requirements for the production of "safe food". All employees of GUNAY OIL endeavor to produce healthy and delicious, economical and quality "safe food". Our company which presents its products with the brands of AYGUN, GULIN and GURYAG to consumers is also producing private labeling for the companies which are of importance to quality and reputable companies from abroad.

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